Creating a book trailer

1. Using the same elements of a book talk, decide what you’d like to say about the book and then create a script.

2. Divide your script into parts to create a storyboard.  Your storyboard can be something as simple as this:

Meet Jeremy, an ordinary

boy, almost 13 years old.

Well, almost ordinary, a bit quirky; he eats

peanut butter sandwiches at every meal,

and he has a mutant candy collection.

But Jeremy’s life is about to

change- to be an amazing

adventure when he…

…receives a mysterious locked  box

with four different key holes and

no keys.

Engraved on the box are the words:

The Meaning of Life

For Jeremy Fink to Open on his 13th Birthday

But how can he open the box

without the keys?

Join Jeremy and his best friend

Lizzy as they begin a remarkable

journey to find the keys and

uncover the meaning of life.

Show Book Cover

Credit for this chart/storyboard given to Benson Library on a future trailer for Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life by Wendy Mass


3. You will be using Windows Movie Maker and Audacity Software for this project.

4. Decide what images you’d like to use to help intrigue your audience.  You can use clipart, short video clips, photographs or even draw your pictures and scan them in. (Remember, you can’t put yourself into these videos unless you have written permission from your parents.)

5. Use music and narration to help give your trailer more excitement and emotion.

Keep in mind one thing:  COPYRIGHT LAWS! You can’t just take pictures and music from websites if they’re copyrighted (especially since these trailers are going online).  One place you can go for music is Freeplay Music.  This is all noncopyrighted music so you don’t have to worry about violating any laws.

For a more thorough explanation of fair usage, read the Educational Multimedia Guidelines.

Here’s another great website: How Long Does Copyright Protection Last?

6. Once you have finished and your trailer is between 1 and 2 minutes long, you will save the final product as WMA file and then upload it to Miss Curtin’s Teacher Tube account.  From there, you will email me or post a comment on my blog with your link so I can post them all on my blog and everyone can watch and enjoy.